Major Organizational Programs Focused on Helping Girls in STEM

This page contains a list of organizations with specific programs that support our mission. Most are well established with research and experience of which most nascent groups and organizations should take advantage. We provide a shortened version of each organization's over arching mission along with the link to the appropriate page on their website.

NGCP - National Girls Collaborative Project


“To create a network of organizations through out the U.S. that are committed to bringing information to and encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM. ”

This organization holds forum events across the nation which bring together people committed to increasing the number of women in STEM careers. They recognize that attitudes can affect girls as young as 8 and that changing attitudes is the first step towards success. Their extensive website is a directory containing a database of programs, grants, activities, and colleagues all over the U.S., all focused on the the mission.

This resource is a great way to get started on finding existing programs in a specific geographical location, finding colleagues who are interested in starting a project, or just to get ideas on the types of programs that work.

Website: National Girls Collaborative Project

National Science Foundation (NSF) -- K-12 Program


“The Discovery Research K-12 program seeks to significantly enhance the learning of STEM by preK-12 students, teachers, administrators and parents through the funding of approved projects that meet the requirements of the program”

The NSF has a program, called “Discovery Research, K-12” that provides funds for projects approved through the Discovery Research program. Many of the projects that have been funded are directly related to the issue of encouraging girls to pursue STEM. Reports from several concluded projects are available and useful for developing grant proposals. Teacher/Librarians could benefit from using this resource to develop their own projects and submit them for consideration.

Website: NSF - Discovery Research K-12: Program Solicitation

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SWE- Society of Women Engineers


“SWE is an educational and service organization that empowers females of all ages to succeed and advance in the field of engineering and be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders. ”

SWE has a K-12 Outreach program developed for teachers (and parents). They provide workshops and on-line Webinars specifically geared toward helping teachers encourage girls to consider engineering. Resources are available by grade level, so that teachers can present material in an age-appropriate manner.

Website: Society of Women Engineers - K-12 Outreach

NCWIT - National Center for Women & Information Technology


“Works to increase diversity in IT & computing. The focus is on improving diversity from grades K-12 through college education and onto academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial careers. ”

NCWIT is a treasure trove of data on research related to computing, IT & women. A great deal of data is available to non-members, but those who are specifically interested in collaborating with people concerned with increasing the number of girls in computing fields should consider joining.

Website: National Center for Women & Information Technology

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NASA - Aspire 2 Inspire


“ To reach out to young girls and present some of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career opportunities through the real lives and jobs of early career women at NASA. ”

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has created a resource dedicated to helping inspire young girls to get involved in science. While the current vision seems to apply only to middle-schoolers and above, younger girls can benefit from the numerous role-models who appear on the site. Since lack of role models is one of the major reasons girls don't believe science is for them, NASA Aspire2Inspire has role models for each of the STEM categories.

Website: NASA - Aspire2Inspire



“To promote girls’ interest and skills in science, technology, and engineering through multi-faceted programs, as well as to develop resources for teachers, role models, families and partners. ”

This is actually an off-shoot of the Girl Scouts. This resource contains sections specifically designed for educators, families, and Girl Scout troops that want to do STEM related activities. There is also a section on how to get role models and kids together. There is a specific curriculum for educators, but this must be purchased.

Website: Techbridge for Girls

U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy - Women in STEM


“If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.” -- First Lady Michelle Obama, September 26, 2011

The U.S. Office of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the White House Council on Women and Girls, have created a focus group on increasing the representation of women in STEM fields through mentoring, role modeling, and support in formal and informal settings. While this group may be just ramping up, there are a few videos of speeches and events, and may serve more to understand the thinking in Washington on this issue.

Website: OST Women in STEM

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