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“School libraries help teachers teach and children learn. Children and teachers need library resources--especially books--and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. Books, information technology and school librarians who are part of the schools' professional team are basic ingredients for student achievement. ” -- First Lady Laura Bush.

School librarians are in a special position of influence for empowering girls. I realized this on the day my 4thgrade daughter came home with an assignment requiring her to research one inventor from a provided list of inventors. There were only two women on this list, and that made me realize that more needs to be done to make teachers aware of unconscious bias toward females, even those as young as 9, like my daughter. One of the duties of a school librarian is to help teachers with resources for in-class projects, and so, they are in the singular position to steer teachers towards materials that highlight the accomplishments of women in STEM and encourage girls.

School librarians can use their collection development responsibilities to build a gender-balanced collection and steer young girls towards resources created specifically to highlight achievements by women in science and engineering. This page contains a collection of resources designed to help school librarians find the information they need to build collections, make connections, encourage young girls, locate role models, and develop programs for both during- and after-school activities.

Collaborating & Networking

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Developing Programs

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Finding Role Models

Empowering Girls

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Below is a video I created of a fictitious conversation between a school librarian and President Obama, using the web application, Xtranormal.

May 8, 2012
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